12-3 Syncretism, Synergism, & Secularism (PDF)

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12-3 Syncretism, Synergism, & Secularism (PDF)


Holy Trinity 2003: Volume 12, Number 3


An Unambiguous Confession: Syncretism, Unionism, Identity, and Mission
Dennis E. Bestul

The Syncretism of Exodus 32 and Its Significance for Lutheran Worship Today
Robert Mayes

How Can We Give a Witness for Jesus Christ in the Public Square while Avoiding the Errors of Unionism and Syncretism?
Daniel Preus

Secularism, Idolatry, and Preaching
Edward O. Grimenstein

The New Finnish School of Luther Research and Philip Melanchthon
Ken Schurb

Translator’s Introduction: The Third Sermon, on Easter Day
Jayson S. Galler and Susanne Hafner, Translators

The Third Sermon, on Easter Day
Martin Luther


REVIEW ESSAY: Lord Jesus Christ,Will You Not Stay: Essays in Honor of Ronald Feuerhahn on the Occasion of
His Sixty-Fifth Birthday

Editor, J. Bart Day. Review by Carl E. Rockrohr

A Commentary on Galatians and Paul’s Rhapsody in Christ, A Commentary on Ephesians
By John P. Koehler. Review by Mark Braden

The Critical Issues of the Reformation and the Heritage of Augustine: A Study in the Augustine-Reception of
Martin Chemnitz

By Torbjørn Johansson. Review by Eric R. Andrae
Self-Esteem: The Cross and Christian Confidence
By Joanna McGrath and Alister McGrath. Review by Thomas L. Rank



  • Christ as Intercessor
  • Praying Rightly
  • The Defense Never Rests
  • To Each His Own
  • Lutheran Charismatics
  • One Good Foundation
  • Three Martyrs
  • Walther on “Romish” Chanting
  • Highest Worship
  • The Pastor as Scholar Today
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